my name is leeanne.

welcome to my blog,

i treat this as more of my journal or diary.

i kept a diary in my adolescent years, all activities that took place on a given day were written down and kept in this book. to ensure its safety and secrecy, attached was a lock (with a key). this kept any unwarranted eyes away from my writings.

the lock with the key wasn’t the only tactic i had to keep nosey neighbours out,

this locked up book of secrets had a home… under my pillow. i’d sleep with it under there every night.

looking back on it, i’m pretty positive i kept the key inside of the lock so that i wouldn’t lose the key… i guess it wasn’t as protected as i thought…
oh, young grasshopper. *sigh*

moral of the story…

this is my adult sized diary. i’m much less worried about the eyes who see my writings now, in fact… peeking at my diary is encouraged!

feel free to browse through the collection where you’ll find all of my entries.

what is the purpose behind this? well, i haven’t really figured that out yet… all i know is that writing brings me joy. it allows my mind to wander in a direction that influences my creative juices to make an imagination smoothie infused with a healthy heaping scoop of non-fictional thoughts. writing puts me in my own world, and for a while can take me away from the hustle and bustle of reality.

you’ll find that my writings will be about an array of things, depending on what i’m feeling on a given day. i hope that i am able to reach out to you in some way, feel free to comment or share my post, i love to know that through the depths of the internet and cyber space i am able to speak to you on a personal level.

well, that’s it for now… pour yourself a coffee, get cozy on the couch- preferably with a warm blanket and your cat or dog- and enjoy.

Panel 1


home– may 15/17

africa feels

i’m not really sure how to start this one, all i know is that i need to write.

i’ve been home for a full two weeks now… and i must say reality is starting to sink in…

keep on reading my friend…

one time. -january 27/27

i’ve been away from this for too long.

i never actually know what i want to write about until my fingers hit my yellow keys.

how am i feeling?
what am i feeling?

who cares?…

keep reading it gets better, i promise….

13,739 km from home…– sept. 20/16


so, i have an announcement…

i will be leaving for africa in april 2017. adios! let me explain…

as mentioned in previous posts, and as most of my very close friends and family know i’m a bit of a free-spirit…or in other words (tori’s word’s) a “free willy” …

read me…

a much different pace– aug. 2/16


i write to you 7 minutes from the city centre of firenze, italy. here, t and i are staying in a relatives condo. i don’t even know where to start.

the people of italy are the most hospitable, friendly, and loud individuals i have met, to date.

continue reading…

itsy, bitsy, spider…– july 1/16


*disclaimer: this post has absolutely nothing to do with spiders… as it rightfully shouldn’t*

it’s been a while…

i know i’ve been m.i.a for a bit… and i wish i had a great explanation as to why i haven’t posted anything in like… 100 years but i don’t.

life has just been kind of busy, as i’m sure yours has been too. sometimes i think that the little things that i stress about on a day-to-day basis are entitled.

read on…

perspective– june 14/16


perspective can change an ordinary view.

a letter to those who believe they are not affected by the orlando massacre; this, is an important message.

one that is difficult to put into words.
one that shouldn’t need to be written.
one that makes me shake my head in disbelief over, and over again.

keep reading…


homophobia in 2016–  apr. 11/16

gay post

hi there you beautiful soul,

this is going to be an interesting one. to be honest, my heart is pounding out of my chest as i am trying to find the right words to say. the title of this post is bold. something i am passionate about. something i am still trying to understand. something that truly makes no sense to me.

and i’ll just give a fair warning this post might hit home for some, and to others it might make them infuriated. i just need to get something off my chest.


continue reading here…

virtual high-five!– mar. 21/16

happy day


i’m feeling super motivational today, and if you just so happened to stumble across my blog on this fine afternoon, i wanted to let you know that you rock.

not because you’re taking time out of your busy day to read this thing, but because you should be told every day how awesome you are. keep on reading my friend…

fever, fever go away!– mar. 5/16

being sick is the worst!

i haven’t been sick in a year and a half… but the other day a wall of germs decided to create a home inside of my temple…

not cool. it’s kind of like a cold… mixed with all the side effects of the flu. gnarly cough, fever, tight chest, achy neck, back, legs, green goop coming out of my eyeballs, rats making a nest in my hair, vampire skin, turns into an ogre when the sun goes down… you get the picture

keep on keeping on…


truth or dare?– mar. 2/16

toriiiiiiii is cray

hmm..i pick truth first.

truth is, i fell in love with my very best friend.
(the corniest sentence in the english language…)

tori and i met in college and we quickly learned we had a lot more in common than two people should. read more…

misconception -feb. 27/16


got a minute?

while gripping my hot cup of coffee with two hands and smelling its sweet aroma i think to myself, what is honestly better than this…

i’ll tell you what’s not better than this… student loans. keep reading…

you make me smile– feb. 25/16


so, hi!

this is going to be a sappy one again…

i just posted my blog live, for all the world to see… that’s a pretty scary thing. but you all made me smile this morning (as seen in the image above).
literally still smiling right now.

keep reading…

C8H10N4O2 (the caffeine molecule)– feb. 22/16

coffee candles

disclaimer: no… this post has nothing to do with science, and while we’re being honest it also has nothing to do with coffee.

there are two things in this world that i love… coffee and denim.

odd mix? yep. will everything be some how related to either coffee or denim? nope…well, maybe.
keep reading…


hi– feb. 20/16


i have no idea what i am doing.

first i’d like to start off by apologizing to all grammar police out there reading this. i fully intend on not capitalizing anything…(rachel if you’re reading this… i know the lack of capitalization is driving you bonkers, have fun.) keep reading…