“here goes nothing…”




i have no idea what i am doing.

first i’d like to start off by apologizing to all grammar police out there reading this. i fully intend on not capitalizing anything…(rachel if you’re reading this… i know the lack of capitalization is driving you bonkers, have fun.)

alright… so. my name is leeanne, this might be the most casual blog on the internet including the most random, non-important, semi-humorous, partially amusing, information you will ever waste your time reading… you’re welcome.

i thought it would be a good idea to create a place where i can fully let the entire internet know how mildly entertaining my life is. i mean, i think i have a lot more going for me than what i do on a day-to-day basis. my life has started to become pretty mediocre… and if theres one thing i know about myself, it’s that i am probably the furthest thing from mediocre a person can get (at least thats what my mom tells me).

so here i am.

a twenty-two year old, recent graduate with no idea what the hell to do with the rest of my life.

can anyone else relate?

i’m sure there are a few of you out there that can identify with this feeling.

don’t get me wrong, i spent the past 6 months since graduation copying and pasting company names, slogans, hell even a few pictures to try and make my resume and cover letter stand out.

hasn’t really gotten me far. i have come to realize that many things i was expecting through my education are- for lack of a better term- utterly and completely not anything i ever thought my future career path would ever be.

so… ya.

i’ve grown fairly tired of pretending that “company x” is the most amazing company in the world and how honored i would be to consider myself a qualified candidate for “position y.”

i’ve spent several afternoons spamming organization after organization on why i would be the best fit for their crew. so i’m ready to just… not do that anymore.

so why not start a blog? maybe i can help someone, or relate to someone who also feels this way, or encourage someone to quickly close their internet browser and tell themselves they never want to end up like denim-coffeeshop.

hey, either way i’m reaching people… right?

anywho… no more talk about my bitterness towards 9-5 jobs with salary and benefits… from here on out this will just be me. raw and natural and me.

this is for my own pleasure, and honestly my own sanity.

i’ll write about my life and share with you how important it is to me to enjoy the life you are given, despite any hardships or crappy hands you have been dealt.

this will be the start of me growing into me.

here goes nothing…

One thought on “hi

  1. your style of writing is so engaging- it’s addicting to read. who would have thought the little kid with mustard on her face at lunch time was a literary genius. i so admire what you’re doing. it’s amazing what unleashing your creative side can do. and…you’re kinda funny you know? i look forward to following this as you discover the world, yourself, and others. in an effort to fit in, i dropped the capitals, and yes. it almost killed me. love you denimcoffeeshop!


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