C8H10N4O2 (the caffeine molecule)


coffee candles

disclaimer: no… this post has nothing to do with science, and while we’re being honest it also has nothing to do with coffee.

there are two things in this world that i love… coffee and denim.

odd mix? yep.

will everything be some how related to either coffee or denim? nope…well, maybe.

basically i just want to give you a good taste (i’m talking extra dark roast, with two lumps of sugar- good taste) of what is to come and what to expect out of my blog. so i’ve decided to answer a few generic questions that i am asking myself so that you all can get a better idea of who the heck i am, and why i think i have any business putting myself on the internet.

who are you?
 my name is leeanne… yes two “e’s” and two “n’s”.  l e e a n n e,
got it?… cool! now we can be friends.

where are you from?
canada- born and raised. i grew up in hamilton, ontario and am currently living in a one bedroom apartment in st.catharines, ontario… super glamorous i know.
(more to come on my humble abode.)

what do you love more than coffee and denim?
my dog… cooper. she’s a miniature dachshund. yep, a wiener dog. also my beautiful girlfriend tori whom i will talk about throughout my blog.
oh! and candles… and red wine. yay! more inanimate objects!

why on earth did you start a blog?
thats a great question. a question that i have many possible answers for:

  1. i refuse to plaster my cover letter and resume to every job posting in my field currently available.
  2. i’ve always enjoyed creating, and writing… even if its leeanne writing to leeanne.
  3. (sappy moment) something i aspire to do in my lifetime is to reach people. by reaching people i mean metaphorically stretching my arm through my computer screen and letting people know that its okay to be weird, and different, and unusual, and unfit for certain jobs, and its okay to have a different way of thinking, of learning, of living and of loving.
  4. well, because why the heck not.

what do you expect to get out of this blog?
to get rich and famous…
wow, totally kidding!

i hope to let myself be myself. not needing to live up to anyone’s expectations, but my own. i want to spend my time writing about crazy things i’ve done and embarrassing moments i’ve had. i want to let all my creative juices run wild, as i feel they have been trapped inside me, on lock-down, while completing my post-secondary schooling.
(yup i’m a recent college graduate with no job… surprise, surprise)
above all, i want to relate to people. i want people to comment on my posts and let me know that they understand, that they have been in my shoes or are currently in my shoes. i think that would make this all worth while.

(if anyone is still reading) do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?
yes! i realize i don’t capitalize any of my sentences, names, places etc. i’ll probably write about that eventually. also, i totally plan on not having an actual “theme” that my blog is based around. this won’t be a platform for me to solely display my artwork that is for sale, or to share my amazing photography skills, or to take you through the amazing dinner i made the night before step-by-step, it’s just me…
and now that i’m thinking of it…
a big mix of all three of those things will more or less be the just of this thing.

you’ll quickly learn that i’m a confusing gal with 100 million ideas flowing through my brain at all times.

well, thats about it folks.

if you have any questions or comments regarding my blog, or me, or my wiener dog feel free to comment below , or on any post and ask away! otherwise, pour yourself a cuppa’ joe and enjoy!



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