you make me smile


this is going to be a sappy one again…

i just posted my blog live, for all the world to see… that’s a pretty scary thing.

but you all made me smile this morning (as seen in the image above).
literally still smiling right now.

genuine happiness is an amazing thing, so thank you, thank you and thank you again.

to be quite honest, i was going to write about cooper today
*cooper is my little peanut dog, just for future reference*

but ah! how could i sluff (-is sluff a word?-) off such positive words from some seriously rad people.

you know, it blows me away that you can go years without talking to a person, and sometimes it doesn’t even matter. so, to all of you who i haven’t had an actual conversation with in a very long time, you’re amazing. despite distance, and time between us i do hope i can relate to you someway, somehow.

to all of you who are near and dear to my heart and my life, whom i am so lucky to encounter on a regular basis, you all inspire me. i know some pretty special people and i must say that i am blown away by their individual talents, their ability to be so selfless, and how each of them have such a different and amazing impact on my life.

y’all are the true mvp’s

(that’s what the kids say these days right?…)


i’m not writing this because i just won an oscar or something, and i need to thank my producers and the academy,

all i want to do is give a warm virtual hug to all of you who have taken time out of your day to read my crazy thoughts. i can assure you there will be no shortage of “crazy thoughts.”

(you’re going to wish you didn’t ask for more…)

*insert evil laugh*



wow. that turned pretty dark, pretty quick.


One thought on “you make me smile

  1. Hi Lee, I’m loving this. I wish you continued success in this new venture…I look forward to reading more, and hey you new know I just might add some of my own thoughts… Love you sweetheart.


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