got a minute?

while gripping my hot cup of coffee with two hands and smelling its sweet aroma i think to myself, what is honestly better than this…

i’ll tell you what’s not better than this… student loans.

so, yesterday i received a letter in the mail. it was a gift from the OSAP fairies reminding me about all the money’s i owe back.
(kind of like a twisted, reverse tooth-fairy, but like… nothing like the tooth fairy at all.) 

-and don’t worry, i’m gradually paying them off. my parents taught me well.-

instantly i felt my temperature rise, my pulse increase, there may have even been a drip of sweat on my forehead and i think my face was probably turning green…

you get the picture.

so after my mini panic attach i thought to myself
alright leeanne, lets take it from like a 10 to about a 2 and a half. 

(i have conversations with myself a lot, hence bloggery.)

once i approached the situation with optimism instead of defeat, i came to realize that there are more important things to stress about in life. loans will be paid off, life will go on… at least thats what i keep telling myself.

but in all honesty folks, it’s true. you can take a crappy situation (like the one above) and run with it, but you’ll run with it too far and get yourself worked up, stressed, sick, and probably with patches of hair missing from your head… and where will that get you?

perhaps in an even worse situation than you originally started with. this doesn’t just necessarily apply to financial matters, although for myself and i’m sure some other 20-somethings coming out of school will agree that this is our most stressful burden at the moment.

but this can also relate to all difficult times like needing car repairs, or maybe marital issues, or perhaps your flowers in your garden are blossoming and sprouting one day, and then the next day they are frost bit and dead.

whatever the situation is, try to find some kind of positivity and light.

i find there is a huge misconception when it comes to hardships. i’m not trying to speak ignorantly, because although i’m only 22 i have definitely experience my fair share of downs.


i’ve grown to realize, the situation is only as bad as you make it.

if you believe you will thrive and succeed, then you will.

if you think you’re going to crash and burn, then you will.

positive vibes, and positive energy inspire me to be the very best i can be…
every single day.

try it.

like, it’s not some magic pill or anything… but it feels good to smile and be happy and embrace all of life’s struggles, and figure out a way to make yourself stronger.

i’m not trying to go all motivational speaker on you, but it just feels good to be… good.

sometimes it’s very difficult to be, good. but you’ll find a way. 

so pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee… or tea,

or fruit juice… (and by fruit juice i mean grape juice. and by grape juice i mean wine.)

and enjoy today.

one day at a time, i promise you’ll get through it.




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