fever, fever go away!




being sick is the worst!

i haven’t been sick in a year and a half… but the other day a wall of germs decided to create a home inside of my temple…

not cool.

it’s kind of like a cold… mixed with all the side effects of the flu. gnarly cough, fever, tight chest, achy neck, back, legs, green goop coming out of my eyeballs, rats making a nest in my hair, vampire skin, turns into an ogre when the sun goes down… you get the picture.

i hate complaining about being sick because i know it will pass and life will go on, and there are many other people in this world a lot worse off then i am…


for like 5 minutes i’m just going to vent about how sucky it is to be sick.

i’ve created a sort list of all the glamorous things that come along with being sick:

(and by glamorous i mean not so glamorous)

  1. you’re either scorching hot, or freezing cold. there is no in between. i feel like i’m in mexico one minute then sitting in a snowbank the next.
  2. the whiney-ness. ah yes… i feel like if i move from the position i have finally found comfortable i’ll never be able to get into the same position again.
    i call this the game of sick-tetris…

    i basically have a bell to ring incase i need anything.
    (sometimes this can be a bonus to being sick)

    “ring,  ring…. tori! can you bring me orange juice?!”
    “ring, ring…..tori!!! can you bring me a third pair of socks!!!!???!!”
    “ring, ring…. oh and tori!!! just some halls too, if you wouldn’t mind running to the store and getting me a jumbo-pack of halls!!?@!#>!>??!!!”

    sorry tor… hopefully it’ll be all over soon.

    (i’m not actually that demanding…)
  3. the most glamorous thing about being sick is the appetite that you are so lucky to… not...have.
    the smell of any food, makes your stomach turn. its obviously a super fun thing for people that love food
    so instead of human food, you get to eat all the chicken noodle soup broth and saltine crackers in the world! yummmm
  4. the achy-ness. it feels like i just underwent the most intense full body workout the day before and some serious “doms” are setting in
    (delayed onset muscle soreness… shoutout to my fitness and health fam!)
    and the worst part is, you do not get any of the beneficial side affects from the imaginary workout.
    your muscles and body just hurt.
    so thats fun.

well…there you have it,

i’m sure there are plenty more lovely things that come along with being sick but those are the ones that seem to be pretty relatable to me at the moment.
i guess it is the season for all the lovely germs to be spreading around from person to person, so make sure you wash your hands lots and cover your mouth when you cough…

and what i’m really trying to say in the nicest way possible is,

keep it to yourself please… thank you!

*insert big, fake happy smile and a thumbs up*


side note:

last thing i’d like to mention is the coffee mug seen in the picture above. thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuu to rachel and chantal for giving me this lovely gift. you two know me so so well.

rachel is my cousin and best friend of 22 years. she is exactly 4 months and 6 days older than me, and we grew up side-by-side.

i am so lucky to have someone who is not only family but also a best friend. she is such an influential person in my life and i would not be who i am today without her.

her amazing girlfriend chantal has encouraged her to grow into her own skin, and they bring so much happiness to each other every day! both of these amazing women are two people i hold so near and dear to my heart, and remind me every day that they are my number one fans! love you two crazzziessss so so much xoxox

ray and chant.jpg



2 thoughts on “fever, fever go away!

  1. you’re pretty flippin’ hackin’ great. chantal and i are so lucky to have you as such a big part of our lives. we love you tons!!! feel better cuzzy!!! ❤


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