the rainbow project

rainbow edit


so i have an idea,

it dawned on me late last night.

i was trying to figure out a way to connect with people on a more personal and intimate level. i want to create a place where anyone can use my blog as a safe space. a place where if you’re feeling happy or sad or confused or angry that perhaps my writings can create a bit of a piece of mind for you. it’ll be something you can read and relate to. something that’s easy. something that might help you open your eyes. something that might edit your initial reaction to one of life’s crazy curveballs, or maybe even help you escape reality for a little bit.

i want to help people breathe.

without any tightness in their chest, or heaviness in their hearts.

(figuratively of course, as i am not a medical professional)

so i’ve decided to start a little project of my own. i’ll call it,

the rainbow project.

i went around my itty bitty apartment today and snapped a few pictures of different things resembling the colours of the rainbow.

(as seen in the picture above)

each picture holds a beautiful colour, and each image means something to me… and you’ll soon find out to you as well.

as part of my project i will write about certain feelings and categorize them based on a colour that i feel they best resemble.

they will be split off into pages where they will simply be titled their given name, for instance “blue,” and when proceeding to that page you will find posts based on a feeling that resemble the colour blue.

(make sense, kind of-ish?)

each colour may hold various emotions. for instance, one day we may identify the colour green with confusion, and perhaps the following week it will resemble joy! however, each colour will have their own page, with different posts and pictures to follow depicting all kinds of things!

i call it a project because i’m not sure what the end result will bring me. a golden sticker and an a+ grade would be my translation that in some way or another, i helped someone.

i want to reach a person or two, and let them know its cool to freak out, have a mini-panic attack, or a total loss of marbles… but sometimes you just ‘gotta breathe, and let the universe figure it out for you.

i warn you, i am no literary genius… i did not major in psychology or philosophy. my educational background has nothing to do with my writings.

this is just me, and all my crazy thoughts. all put into one place… and to stay organized, why not colour code them!



stay tuned. i will be working diligently over the next few days to get a good start on this.
i hope to have a few colours up and running very soon!

to navigate through the colours click the menu tab, select “the rainbow project” and i’m sure you’ll figure out the rest from there!
(i’ll try to make this as user friendly as possible, mom and dad)


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