virtual high-five!

happy day


i’m feeling super motivational today,

and if you just so happened to stumble across my blog on this fine afternoon,

 i wanted to let you know that you rock.

not because you’re taking time out of your busy day to read this thing,

but because you should be told every day how awesome you are.

so many people put in truck loads of effort day-in and day-out and they go under appreciated, under recognized and sometimes even undermined.

i don’t think that’s very fair.

and i know you probably get frustrated, and want to rip out your hair and call it quits, and give your boss a swift kick in an unforgiving place, but just take a deep breath.

re-channel that energy and do something great.

take a deep breath and think.

think about everything you’ve accomplished, all the great treasures you have in your life that you have worked hard for,

and know

that every day that you put in all that hard work and effort… it will pay off.

your works do not go unnoticed.
karma has a funny way of working and have faith in knowing that it’ll all be worth it.


get back to work. keep pushing. who cares if you didn’t get into that program you worked so hard for. and it’s okay that you didn’t land that job. things happen for a reason, so try seeking new avenues. do not let one minor failure dictate your future and discourage you from trying something else!

you are an amazing human being, and i know i’m not the only one who thinks it.

your kids think you’re super-mom, your dog thinks you are their master, your parents are so proud of you, and your ex-spouse… well, they’re an ex for a reason so who cares.

so go on about your day. let this be the week you do something new and great.

don’t loose sight of that end goal because i promise that there will always be someone who appreciates all your hard work and effort.




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