perspective can change an ordinary view.

a letter to those who believe they are not affected by the orlando massacre;

this, is an important message.

one that is difficult to put into words.
one that shouldn’t need to be written.
one that makes me shake my head in disbelief over, and over again.

i don’t want to sit at my computer and scold each person who is insensitive to this recent tragedy in orlando, no.

that is not my intention.

because in what way would i be helping?

these lives are lost. we cannot go back in time.

that is the sad reality.

we may think… this could have been me. this could have been my  gay friend, my lesbian cousin, my trans son or daughter.

it hits close to home for some.

all these feelings are real and true, but… there is some light we must shed on this tragedy not just to the LGBTQ+ community, but for humanity.

i know there are some individuals who were terrified when learning about the events that happened sunday early morning, thinking it was an act of terrorism… wondering who will be next. what state will be next. which hometown will be attacked. which large public venue will be the next target.

these were all thoughts of panic rushing through heads of many when learning about the events that took place just a few short days ago.

then, when learning it was a direct attack on a certain community… some felt relieved. knowing, they were not directly associated with those who lost their precious lives.

hearing others say words such as “well, that guy was crazy”

that does not serve this situation justice.

it should never be okay,  or expected that hate crimes will continue to happen and exist.

it’s sad to think that this may not be the last, and historically…it certainly has not been the first.

so now it’s our time to step in. step in as human beings loving and caring and accepting other human beings.

that’s all there is to it.

we need to start seeing each other with naked eyes, free from blurred discriminatory vision.

free from judgment.

free from hate.

LGBTQ+ posts and articles have been smeared all over social media. activists have been speaking out. please, if you do not engage in these communities do not ignore this serious content. as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, it is my duty to participate in this movement. we must bring awareness to the ignorant, and open the eyes of those who wish to turn their heads on this important matter.

this should open the eyes of humanity. this should change your perspective.

i’m trying to formulate a sentence about how innocent people lost their lives for no reason other than being who they are, and it seems impossible.

i just cannot justify their loss.

it doesn’t make sense.

it is unfathomable.

they exercised their basic human rights as every one of us deserve, and yet it is those 50 people who had to pay the ultimate price for

absolutely…no… reason.

 try to see this situation in a different light.

imagine a group of people who all loved reading books all gathered together in a place where they could all interact, talk about their biggest interest and passion.

and one person just can’t stand how these people live their life, so this person thinks they all must perish.

it would be obscene. unheard of. it is complete obscurity.

it doesn’t make sense.

this is how we should all feel about the events that took place in orlando.

it’s about perspective and what society has done to skew our perspective on situations such as this one.

this event should never be excused or understood.

this event should never be forgotten or dismissed.

this event should drive us all to question our own selves if we have feelings of homophobia, racism, or descrimiation.

this event should open our eyes as humans to love, accept, and appreciate all walks of life and embrace your neighbors heritage, religion, race, culture, ethnicity, and orientation.

do not stare at the two girls holding hands while walking down the street as if they are a different breed of human.

do not question how that woman of colour could be married to the white man holding their child.

do not talk behind close doors about the person you went to high school with and how they are currently going through a transition.

start changing your perspective.

start seeing people as people regardless of what they look like.

it’s time for that change. it’s time to utilize these horrific acts of terrorism and hate to bring justice to the innocent lives lost for

absolutely…. no…. reason.

you should never be stripped of your right to live, and love.

“perspective can change an ordinary view.”

it’s time to start changing yours.



to the families, friends, and loved ones of the victims of the Orlando Massacre my sincerest thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes are continually being sent your way.

may each person who perished that night rest in pride, and peace.

your entire LGBTQ+ community stands behind you, and will continue to seek justice.





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