itsy, bitsy, spider…



*disclaimer: this post has absolutely nothing to do with spiders… as it rightfully shouldn’t*

it’s been a while…

i know i’ve been m.i.a for a bit… and i wish i had a great explanation as to why i haven’t posted anything in like… 100 years

but i don’t.

life has just been kind of busy, as i’m sure yours has been too.

sometimes i think that the little things that i stress about on a day-to-day basis are entitled.

entitled to  consume a large part of my life.

entitled to have a larger impact than they need to.

entitled to worry me and scare me.

and as i continuously allow them to feel entitled, they start to become more and more problematic.

so lets put an end to that shall we?

yours too. all your little things that don’t actually matter, let’s get rid of them… kick them out, send them packing.

i’ve been feeling like i’ve been in a hole lately. not really sure whats up or down, nor do i have any clue which direction i should go in. i feel like i haven’t been able to differentiate between left and right, or north and south.

my brain travels a million miles a minute,

as we all know…

and she’s feeling a little tired.

in january we make resolutions for the new year. new year, fresh start. very exciting.

i told myself 2016 is my year.

this is the year i’ll do great things.

and as today marks the first day of july (happy canada d’eh!)

i decided to stop for an hour. sit on my couch, cooper by my side, coffee in hand and think

where the heck did this year go…

have i accomplished what i’ve wanted to in these past six months?

am i happy with everything i’ve done in the past half a year?

do i even remember what has happened since we rang in the new year?


i don’t really know?

this year has been jam packed with exciting things. my sister got engaged to the man of her dreams and high school sweetheart,

we planned an amazing shower

planned a girls getaway for her bachelorette weekend

tori and i have planned three trips of a lifetime that have or will happen this year.

and we are now a week out from my sisters wedding.

these are only a few of the highlights from this year.

day trips to the beach, winery hopping with friends, birthdays, baby announcements from close friends and so many more exciting events have taken place in 2016.

so why the heck am i in such a rut?

why am i not completely satisfied about all that i’ve encountered this year so far?

it’s the little things.

they can be the most amazing and special moments in life, however sometimes the little things can ruin us too.

the little stressors mean nothing in the grand scheme of life, but sometimes…

can be detrimental.

if your year has been as crazy or maybe even crazier than mine…
than man my hat is off to you.

i am so blessed and grateful to be involved in so many great adventures thus far, but it has really  opened my eyes to details that slip through the cracks.

details like, making sure you remember to breathe.

remember to laugh,

remember to smile,

and remember to enjoy.

life is a journey,

some days, months and even years are going to harder than the next

some days, months and even years are going to be easier than the next

but to ensure that you stay healthy and sharp, you need to detect which “little things” deserve your time, your attention, your tears, and your breath.

it hit me like a ton of bricks today, after a busy day yesterday… and to be honest an even busier few months.

slow down leeanne…

you’re going way too fast.

life is a journey, and it’s the best ride we will ever have tickets for.

please if you’re still reading this

i know its a long one…

do me a favour and take a deep breathe. close your eyes if it helps.

slow down, friend.

the world is in constant motion, and sometimes you need to be the one to slow it down.

this really helps me identify with the 18 billion thoughts in my head, and it has allowed me to today figure out which direction i need to head in next.

life, is a precious gift.

don’t ruin this gift by taking any day for granted.

fulfil your purpose.

be the best you, you can be.

remember to stay authentic and true to yourself because you owe it to you to be special.

moving forward through this year, i want to make a vow to myself to just slow down. enjoy each moment that i’ve been given and embrace the small things that truly require my attention.

smile today, you are an amazing creature filled with plenty of purpose and i hope that if you take anything away from this, its that you know you are special and you are so loved.

live today with passion, bravery and pride.

until next time…




One thought on “itsy, bitsy, spider…

  1. Lee you continuously amaze me. I am so proud of you! You are a very insightful young women! I really look up to you! You just know what to say and how to say it. You are a voice of many people who maybe wanting to do and say the same but don’t know how! Keep up as you may, you are an inspiration to many! Thank you! Love you lots!


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