a much different pace 

i’m not sure how this will format,

i know for a fact it probably won’t appear like my other posts.

one thing i’m certain, auto-correct on an iphone is uber annoying… these posts may feature some of my first capitalizations… like right now i’m purposely un-capitalizing things, i don’t even know how im going to handle this…

is there an un-capitalize button on here somewhere?

where am i going with this.. 

ah! the only reason why i’m using the “on the go” version of my blog

i write to you 7 minutes from the city centre of firenze, italy. here, t and i are staying in a relatives condo. i don’t even know where to start.

the people of italy are the most hospitable, friendly, and loud individuals i have met, to date.

of course i mean “loud” in the most complimentary way possible.

without hesitation, they dropped everything in their lives and pulled out the red carpet for their canadian relatives.

when i say “red carpet” i literally mean they have given us everything florence has to offer and so much more in the palm of our hand.

i am overwhelmed by this entire experience.

when planning this trip, we were so excited and eager to get to italy, a country i often dreamed about.

seriously, i think i dream about spaghetti and cappuccinos on the regular… like maybe once a week… 

tori’s roots are here and that is important to me,

but obviously cannoli’s were always the most important thing..

(i’m such a chubb-o at heart) 

*clears voice- aaaahhhggem*

where was i…ah yes! arriving here was something. greeted by an engaging and inviting family who immediately took us out for pizza (yuuuuuuummm) and wine.

i don’t even think we gathered all of our bags before they immediately asked if we were hungry! how could we say no?

after pizza and celebrations, they insisted on taking us for a tour of the city (it was approaching 1:00 a.m at this point)

our bellies full, and our hearts full-er…

away we went! i couldn’t help but to well up with a few tears. i couldn’t even begin to believe the views we were seeing. such history. such beauty.

please know that before i saw the sights of this beautiful city, i have never experienced anything so authentic and pure in my life.

i know many of you have travelled near and far, and it may be an amazing experience for you but i ask you this one  thing, have you embraced every aspect of your adventure?

i am not just speaking to those who have travelled to indonesia or guatemala or africa or the antarctic…

i’m speaking to all.

those who went for a run in their neighbourhood today,

Or did the Wentworth stairs

Or went for a walk to to nearest coffee shop instead of driving there.

Did you take in each moment of that experience?

If you think back to your last big trip that you went on 6 months ago, and you feel that perhaps you didn’t take in every aspect of it.. Or maybe looking back you think,

wow that time went by so quick

try something now, moving forward.

Today when you leave your house, get in your car, and your favourite song just so happens to come on the radio, embrace that moment.

Sometimes all it takes is for you to just stop in your tracks… And in that moment, you suddenly see that there is so much more to be grateful for, so much more to enjoy, and a deeper depth of authentic living that can be manifested and celebrated.

The way you carry yourself through life is (big shocker here..) ultimately up to you.

Your life is yours. The only one who will make the best of your days is you.

If something is holding you back from planning your next trip… Whether it be a job, money, or children… Whatever it may be,

Find a way to make it work. Find a way to explore this world to whatever degree you can manage.

And once you can conquer that degree of living…stretch further.

Become uncomfortable.

Get lost…

Trust in the universe, things happen because they are supposed to happen.

Instead of existing… Be so alive and become entirely enthralled by your surroundings.

Instead of inhaling… Breathe deeply, and taste the air as if you are only given just one more opportunity to do so.

Instead of infatuation… Fall,

into intoxicating, and burning love.

There is just not enough time to do anything less than that.


Whether you are about to board a plane that will be flying half way around the world or simply, watering your garden

Take in each passing second of that experience. Breathe in the air and remember the smell.

Things like riches, text messages, pressures from your boss, new drama on social media… Will likely not matter when your days are close to their end.

We are not promised or guaranteed anything in life, as time is our most precious gift


While you have this moment right now… Be true and genuine.

Never lose sight of the larger picture, while embracing the small beauties and treasures in life.

Time, the larger picture.

A gentle sun shower… Now this, is a small treasure.

Travelling through Europe, the larger picture.

The sweet smell of fresh herbs and flowers that fill the Tuscan air…

Another small treasure.


I will never forget.




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