13,739 km from home…



so, i have an announcement…

i will be leaving for africa in april 2017. adios!

let me explain…

as mentioned in previous posts, and as most of my very close friends and family know i’m a bit of a free-spirit…or in other words (tori’s word’s) a “free willy” …

for anyone who is just tuning into my blog now,

in a nutshell, i like to use this as my own little private platform that i double as my journal (diary)

and you can usually find posts revolved around positivity and i obviously have to throw in the odd comment here and there about my beautiful precious little miniature wiener dog named cooper.

in previous posts, i have often mentioned that i’m not programmed to sit at a desk all day and work underneath someone who i don’t give two shits about.

pardon my language.

instead, i have realized that i’m meant to do something much more, like creating my own brand or being my own boss… not sure how or when that’ll happen so throughout this past year and a bit i’ve been working on small projects here and there,

taking interests in new hobbies,

reading books about enriching my life in non-materialistic ways,

and more than anything… concocting crazy business ideas and plans that might just be “the next best thing”.

many of you don’t know that i spend my days thinking this way, but quite frankly it consumes my life.


i’ve decided to take a break from obsessing over all of these ideas and plans that i put real effort into for 72 hours until i realize there is absolutely no way i can make them work.

because while we’re being honest here, it’s quite exhausting.

so then a new thought came upon me.

(is this contradictory to my whole plan? perhaps… but i’m going with it)

alright brain, lets re channel this energy, lets put this obsession to good use.

how can i utilize this, and do something good with it.

after countless hours of research, and reaching out to various companies i am happy and excited to announce that i have been accepted to a volunteer abroad program on a private game reserve in the province of Matabableland North, Zimbabwe.


i will be working directly with a leader and a team through an amazing company called IVHQ (link below) to help conserve the precious lands that are home to a variety of wildlife species at risk of extinction (specifically the black rhino).

we will be tracking animals and their whereabouts to ensure they are protected from poachers, testing soil conditions and working to improve the fertility of their lands, we will be eliminating invasive weeds, shrubs and other grasses that are detrimental to the wildlife’s ecosystem, and other tasks associated directly to the protection of the big 5 animals in the area.
(lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo)

not only will we be protecting the lands and the animals welfare, we will be entering into the local community and schools to spend time with children to read to them and help them with learning the english language.

i will be there for a month and a half working five days of the week on this project.
i am humbled by this opportunity.

i just want to see the smile on the children’s faces, and feel the energy between myself and the animals, knowing i’m doing something to help their community,
and quite honestly their world.

i am chasing the sense of fulfillment, and with not much holding me back here i am ready to take off and see this amazing earth that i am so lucky to call my home.
i’m eager to do my part to help the endangered animals who are also simply just our fellow passengers on this planet.

in preperation for my departure, i will be holding a fundraiser in the new year to help assist expenses directly associated with this trip.

every dollar donated will not only help with tools and vaccinations mandatory for me to partake in this project, but every penny will be fed into the program costs needed to protect the wildlife of africa.

if anyone is willing to donate, large or small rest assured that YOU are helping just as much as i will be.

i have set up a volunteer fundraising page if anyone would like to support, it can be found through one of the links below.

i would also like to take this opportunity to thank my family and close friends for supporting and having all the patience in the world in order to handle all of my crazy ideas.

most importantly, all my love and gratitude must go to my little family- tori and coop.
tori has always been my #1 supporter in absolutely everything i do.
i am so lucky to have such a healthy and influential relationship such as ours. i would not be able to explore and try as many new things as i have if it wasn’t for her telling me to

just go for it.


that’s it folks…

that’s what is new and exciting in my life…i cannot wait to embark on this adventure and share all the steps that i take leading up to it!

i have attached a few links below, feel free to check them out and explore this program more in depth.

so much love to all of you beautiful people.


click here to find out more information about this project and how to donate through my page!

click here to find out what it means to volunteer abroad…


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